Sunday, February 26, 2017


What is right practice?
Devotion and inquiry, surrender and Self-knowledge: bhakti and jnana.
Like two serpents intertwined on the staff of wisdom : bhakti and jnana.
Like two rivers meeting and mingling : bhakti and jnana.
Two wings to fly up to the heaven of  samadhi: bhakti and jnana.
So you tasted the ecstatic joy of samadhi; so what?
Even in the midst of the everchanging world, can you stay rooted there?
Practice, practice, practice!
Keep practicing until the samadhi is unbroken, permanent.
All rivers lead to the one ocean and dissolve in it forever.
Once you have dissolved totally, sahaja samadhi is infinite, perfect bliss!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


( Anandamayi maa, divine mystic who realised the Self..all praise to her holy feet!)

 “ Mouna ( silence) is the best and most potent diksha, as was practiced by Sri Dakshinamurthi.
Touch, look etc.  are all of a lesser order. Silence ( mouna diksha) changes the hearts of all.  “  Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi, Talks 433.

I am drunk with your silence, lord: this intoxication destroys all name and form.
In the still mind, a haunting beauty awakens-  now nothing can ever be the same again.
There is no I or you left, in this melting of infinite love; if this be madness, I shall so gladly be insane.
I have lost my tongue and forgotten my face, there is only this boundless, inexhaustible space,
Like a night sky awash with starlight .

It is said that the sword of your perfect stillness cuts off all heads: take mine !
Since you have filled me with the blessing of your silence,
I do not need it any more.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Be Quiet

              Picture: Courtesy Dev Gogol

This bubble floating so tremulous and fearful at the edge of a wave…
can it discover its true nature?
If it turns inside out in surrender, it will be the vast ocean.
Eternity hides in every moment – discover your true Self!
Everywhere, only the sacred exists.
Give up the limited, so that you can be the unlimited:
the all-powerful, formless, nameless and infinite Divine.
Silence resounds in the void like the God of all echoes:
Be quiet!
In stillness, being blossoms into perfect, blissful peace.