Thursday, October 5, 2017

This Love

“The experience of Self, which is nothing but the form of supreme love, is that in which the eyes see only love, the tongue tastes only love and the touch feels only love, which is bliss.
Bhagawan  Ramana Maharishi, Guru Vachaka Kovai

This love has no limits, no borders or boundaries, no conditions or causes.
Vaster than the universe, it is a flame that devours all that exists and burns bright for all eternity.
This love needs no reasons, cannot be described or explained, is beyond all conceptual thought.
Once you have tasted this , nothing else will ever satisfy you !

Intoxicated with this love, I wander like a madman across the worlds,
Seeking for traces of my Beloved, driven by unending bliss.
Like a tiger hunting his prey, I follow the divine spoor deep into the heart of being;
the hunt is the dance, the seeking is the finding, this is the endless ecstasy!

This love has swallowed me whole, ground me into powder, burnt all that is me into ashes.
But still, like a drunkard thirsts for wine, I thirst for the Beloved:
This is my reason for existing, my source and my goal, my beginning and end.
Listen! I will tell you my secret: this love is my prayer and my dance, my joy and my celebration.

My Beloved and I are always One in infinite, blissful peace!

The Ballad of the Timeless Cafe

" this is a humble tribute to Koshy's, the iconic restaurant in Bangalore that so many generations have loved."

This is the tale of an old café,
A place where Time stands still,
And you can dawdle over coffee
Without being presented a bill.
Serving food and drink to everyone
For over sixty  years -
Chicken patties and chutney sandwiches
Or rums and vodkas and beers.

Now there be ghosts in the woodwork here
Who could tell you many a story
Of plots hatched and lovers matched,
Of scandals , laughter and glory.
Bold adventures, rainbow myths  and dreams
Were spun out of the sugar and spice
Of  tea and cofee and  cutlets and cake
Or papads, curry and rice.

Some first came here as tiny tots,
Each given a special high chair,
In the peaceful days of long ago
When folks loved  traditional fare.
Sunday morning appams and stew
Or bacon and eggs and toast
Long drawn convivial lunches ,
Fish ‘n chips for the hungry host.

Now the tang of fresh morning coffee
Draws many a regular guest-
Lawyers taking a break from court
For conversation and jest.
The students, artists, businessmen,
Stoic, toiling writers too,
The mooning couples lost in their dreams,
The disciples and their guru.

They all flock to the familiar cafe
Where they can find some cheer,
Or entertainment or camaraderie,
Long conversations over beer.
In a world going mad with rapid change,
These old walls bring some calm
The very sameness of the place
Acts as a magical balm.

The waiters in their ancient white,
The solid silverware,
The faded pictures on the walls,
The history in the air -
All these make up the timeless café
Where all things stay the same,
As generations come and go,
Playing the human game.

There’s the table of the old men.
There’s the table of the young,
The little table against the wall
Where a famous song was sung.
There’s a table by the window,
Where dreamers sit and stare
And the tables in the corner -
Lovers’ secrets to share.

A table for the madmen
and a table for the wise
And a table by the pillar
For some special exercise.
Let the world go to perdition
We care not in the least:
Come now all ye faithful
And join us at the feast!

For here we gather together
In an eternal dream
Eating our caramel custard
And our fruit salad and cream.
Creating with our voices
The din of timeless lore,
Unravelling like frothy waves
Upon some primeval shore.

Waiters glide by silently
With trays of food and drink.
Familiar strangers greet each other
With smile or nod or wink.
Some may seek good fortune,
Some may seek out fame,
But every heart here treasures
The comfort of the same.

Here  old men speak of politics
And of the days gone by,
The children scream and run about,
The patient parents sigh.
The nabob is measured for a suit,
A fight breaks out somewhere,
As booming voices echo
Through the gossip-laden air.

Unperturbed, the yogis levitate,
Borne on the coffee smoke,
Speaking of alien mysteries,
Of the wisdom of the joke.
Forget your worries and your strife -
The coffee’s freshly brewed
The raucous youth with his rum and coke
Is merely pleasantly stewed.

Two pretty girls cause heads to turn,
They pointedly ignore
The boorish stares and fading airs
Of some aged Lothario.
The waiters laugh in secret,
They have nicknames for all
And they mutter to each other
As they lean against the wall.

Days bright hum fades to evening’s fun,
The night grows merry and gay
Cacophony is the anthem
At the old timeless café.
Abandon fear, ye who enter here,
This dimension’s beyond Time.
Here there is only the endless story
And the never-fading rhyme.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Prayer to Devi

You are the beginning and the end of everything.
You are the consciousness that creates all that exists, the energy that pervades every atom, the void that devours all the universes.
You are form and formless, birth and death, source and goal.
O Devi! Let me worship at your feet.

You are loving mother, omnipotent goddess, ferocious destroyer of evil, serpent lightning  exploding up the spine.
You are the giver and the taker, the light and the darkness, the sun and the storm.
You are knowledge and wisdom, the source of all skill, the origin of all that is.
O Devi! Bless me with your sweet grace.

You are the cause of all causes, the divine enchantress, the exquisite perfection of Being.
 You are spell-binding beauty and transcendent grace, girl, woman and crone , the fearsome wielder of the sword of Time.
You are feminine power, enchanting perfection, infinite love, ecstatic bliss!
O Devi! Fill my heart with your Light.

      May your blessings heal , protect  and enlighten us all.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Waking Up From The Dream

“You are of the nature of the simplest of the simple. You are of the nature of the supremely majestic.
You are of the nature of the holiest of the holy. You are of the nature that has no higher or lower state.
You are of the nature of Awareness that is endless. You are of the nature that cannot be comprehended.
You are of a rare nature that is indescribable. You are of the nature of Truth-Consciousness-Bliss.”
Ribhu Gita. 2:24

Oh child of man!
You, who are the God of Gods, who are infinite, eternal, conscious, blissful perfection,
how did you lose your way?
Forgetting your true nature, you fell into a bag of tricks, a magician’s spell, a lotus eater’s hallucination!
You who are the pure, timeless ,deathless seed of seeds; one moment of distraction and you seem to have exploded into a forest of concepts and thoughts and endless reflections of worlds within worlds!
Trapped behind the looking-glass mind , you got lost in the endless movie of birth and death and rebirth, the time-space matrix of quantum illusion.
For untold ages, you wandered through different worlds, heavens and hells, desperately seeking that final satisfaction, that closure, that peace.
The truth is: you were never lost, you just forgot your own nature.
Awaken from the nightmare- it’s only a dream.
Remember your true nature: return to your true home.
Drop all concepts, all thoughts, all fantasies!
Plunge within into the depths of silence.
 All illusion is blown away without a trace.
Perfection blossoms in that stillness.
All that remains is the immaculate glory of Being.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Abiding Joy

“The Self is the source of abiding joy. Our hearts are filled with joy in seeing him enshrined in the depths of our consciousness. If he were not there, who would breathe, who live? He it is who fills every heart with joy.” The Taittiriya Upanishad.

Every human being wants to find true and lasting joy, because this is the very core of being.
Who sees with your eyes, hears with your ears, thinks with your mind, feels with your heart?
The Self is the foundation of all that exists.
It is the source and the substance of all things.
Love and peace, truth and bliss, consciousness and wisdom,  all are contained in it.
Infinite, invisible, omnipotent, imperishable, perfect, without beginning or end, the Self is a mystery beyond concept or thought.
Every living creature lives by the grace of the Self alone.
If you would make your life worthwhile, seek the truth of the Self in the depths of your heart.
More subtle than a gossamer web, the Self cannot be seen or touched or known: you can only BE it.
When you have become still and silent, have truly gone beyond all attachments and desires, surrendered yourself totally with great love and devotion, then, and only then, the glory of the Self is revealed.
Like a river merging with the infinite ocean, you merge forever in that joy.

At last, your life becomes truly blest.

Monday, September 4, 2017

The Pearl Diver

“ I spend all my time trying to persuade you, young and old, to make your first and  chief concern for the highest welfare of your inner selves.” Socrates
“So long as a man is a stranger to his own divine soul, so long he has not even begun to live. All that he does is exist.” Paul Brunton

This life is a precious gift.
Every human being is born with a spiritual treasure: the integral divinity at the core of being.
Discovering this God-spark inside oneself, at the very centre of one’s own being, is the key to the kingdom of heaven.
This is the source: omnipotent, infinite, eternal, blissful peace.
This is the underlying substance of all that exists.
As a babe, this divinity shines clear and luminous- the passage of time veils it with thought and emotion; thus man loses his most valuable resource.
Therefore, re-discovering this pearl beyond all price is the primary purpose of your very existence!
 Returning to your inner divine core is the surest way to find true meaning and joy in your daily life.
It is the ONLY way to experience utter satisfaction and perfect contentment,lasting happiness and peace.
Life is short, death is certain, the blind pursuit of wealth and possessions will rob you of your precious time.
Why chose uncertainty and fear and despair instead of immortal, radiant bliss?
Seek the Real now: dive deep into your own being!
From that perfect Centre, all that you see will be sacred.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bamboo Shadows

“The bamboo shadows are sweeping the stairs
But no dust is stirred.
The moonlight penetrates the depths of the pool
But no trace is left in the water .” Zen saying.

The greatest truths are the most subtle.
God’s grace is lighter than the touch of a butterfly wing.
To experience the Divine, be in harmony with its quiet song.
Be still and silent to hear the whisper of perfection in the Heart.
Between deep sleep and waking there is a brief moment:
pure awareness, Being without name or form.
Seize this moment! Taste it. Return to it again and again.
Stop thinking! Stop seeking!
Go straight to the root. Return to the Source.
When mind becomes still and sinks into the depths of silence,
That ocean of Self is endless, blissful peace.