Sunday, April 22, 2018

Death is the Doorway

It's not how much profound knowledge we know intellectually. It's how much we don't know. We have to transcend the mind that wants to be worthy and profound. We have to go beyond that to wake up. As long as your mind is filled with beautiful poetry and beautiful quotations and profound knowledge you can never become free. The idea is to give it all up. Then in your freedom you know all these things but there is nothing to say. “
Robert Adams, devotee of Sri Ramana Maharishi.

When the pain of samsara became unbearable, I wept and prayed,
I threw myself at the feet of the Lord in my heart and begged for grace!
I surrendered body and mind and spirit and sought rest and refuge.

The silence spoke:

“Stop trying to think, to figure things out, to preach or teach.
Drop all your piety, your saintliness, your spiritual ego-trip.
Truth is beyond the mind, beyond all concepts, all language.
Be still. Be quiet. Just BE! “

There is only one doorway to immortality, to freedom, to infinite, eternal peace.

If I would attain the Self, I must lay my neck on the altar of renunciation and let the sword of Brahman chop off my head!
Like river merging in ocean, I must merge in Him.
I must drop all emotional and intellectual activity.

I must die – before the body dies.

There is no other way.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Source is Silence

“Man can dive so deep within himself that he can touch the depths where he is united with the whole of life, with all souls, and from that source he can derive harmony, beauty, peace and power.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

Inside every human being, there is a hidden portal to a higher dimension.
Beyond mind, beyond time and space and knowledge, the Real shines unchanging, forever.

This is the gift of Grace that you were born with, your own window to your true Self.
This is the doorway to the kingdom of heaven, to the fearless, divine life, to infinite, blissful peace.

Like a pearl-diver, dive deep into the depths of your own being and seek the source of “I”;
dive deep, deeper than thought or feeling, dream or sleep, until, suddenly, something stirs, something awakens.
Now a gentle power seizes you, embraces you, dissolves you in the ocean of the One.

This is the thought-free state of jnana, the ecstatic bliss of non-duality.
This is the source of all that exists, the vast emptiness that contains the universes, the Tao.

This is who you really are.
Here you dwell forever in wholeness, in sacred perfection.

Imperishable, unknowable, indescribable is that Silence!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

An Ordinary Man

I am not special, Lord, I’m just an ordinary man, like any other:
A human being, with a beating heart, blood flowing in my veins, time running out.

I feel pain…and joy and love and fear and hope and all the other feelings.
I eat when I am hungry and I drink when I’m dry.
And, one day, I know I will die.

I try to live my life with wisdom and balance; may I be kind, may I be compassionate, may I be true.
May I not let anger drive me to hurtful acts nor let sorrow drive me to despondency.
May I walk gently on this earth and treat all my fellow living beings with deep love and respect.

I know now that I have been dreaming for a thousand lifetimes.
Like a sun rising, Grace unveiled the unsayable splendour of You shining in my Heart.
At last, I awoke:
O Lord, I have discovered your secret: you dwell forever within me as Me!

Now I have known your perfection, tasted your infinite bliss, how can I ever find words to describe this??
So now I live each day rejoicing, giving thanks, just being the best I can.

Now I wander the earth singing your praise, so glad to be an ordinary man!

Thursday, March 22, 2018


“The peace experienced by so many simple devotees in their hearts is the divine wealth that possesses great distinction.”
“There is no fortune greater than peace, no force greater than peace, no excellent tapas greater than peace, no immortal life greater than peace. If you abide in the Heart in stillness, in your true state, your peace will never cease. “
Bhagawan SriRamana Maharishi

I am a fool - it took me a very long time to understand:
My learning, my knowledge, my pride, my feeling of separateness were all barriers to returning to simplicity.
To just being, in stillness, without thought, as boundless consciousness.

All I had to do was let go, to surrender in humble, but absolute, devotion,
To throw myself at your feet with total love and faith and trust.

You took pity on my tortured, suffering self, lost in the fiery desert of samsara.
You fed me your nectar of unconditional love to forever quench my thirst!
With infinite kindness, you protected me with your cool shade and led me back to the fragrant bower of the Heart.
So gently and patiently, you led me back to my beginning, you introduced me to Me!
To find you shining eternally in my Heart as “I” - what a mystery!

Now that I have tasted your Grace, how can anything else ever attract me?
Once I know you, can there be anything else to know?

Like a river pouring itself into the ocean, I come home to you at last!
Now I rest in you, immovable and forever, in blissful peace!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Meaning of Growing Up

“Life is like carrying a precious message from the little child you were to the old person you will become. You have to make sure that the message is not lost somewhere along the way.”

What makes us human?
Is there a reason that we have been given our forms of intelligence, of self-awareness, of consciousness?
If our endless greed and power-mania is destroying millions of our fellow human beings and the very planet we live on, are we sane? Does the exponential wealth of the few justify the extreme poverty and misery of the many?
If, in our behaviour, we are far more cruel, rapacious and destructive than any other living creatures, are we superior or inferior?
Are we angels or demons – or both??

Every human was born divine – innocent, loving, happy, peaceful.
We grew ..and the cloak of ego soon veiled our original divinity, no matter that it never ceased to shine deep within us.
Driven by the torments of fear and desire, we lost our basic humanity and ran amok on planet Earth.
Fooled by the mirages of sense-objects, we left the Garden to pursue imaginary happiness in the fiery desert of this world. 

Can we return to the cool shade of sat-chit-ananda in the oasis of the Self, our source?
Can we re-discover the gift we were born with and thus see the magic and the sacred all around us once more?

Can we attain the kingdom of heaven and make this world the paradise it was always meant to be?
Can we, at last, evolve into our true humanity, our peaceful bliss, our simple dignity, our divine legacy?
Can we give this question at least a small fraction of our attention every day?

Humanity, what do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to feel when you are old?


Saturday, March 10, 2018

You ARE the Truth

“One could cause God through alchemy. But even if that God tells you something don’t believe it. If I come in front of you, don’t believe it. The Seer is most important. You are. That is most important. Concentrate on the Seer, not on the seen. All that you see is false and the Seer alone is true. All knowledge you gather is useless, until you hold on to your Self. You are the Truth, not what is being told to you, not what you see.” Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi

You cannot see the Self: you can only BE the Self.
You are always the Self; only the veil of ignorance hides this truth.
This veil is nothing but a cloud of thoughts.

When the attention is focussed outwards, the world appears.
Turn the attention inwards, focus on the one who sees, not the objects seen.
Seek the root, the source from which the “I” thought arises.
Thus, the effort is to turn within, to be still and silent and empty, to just rest in pure Being.
You do this every night when you fall asleep… do it consciously!
This is the only goal of all sadhana.

Atma vichara, the process of Self -inquiry, is a simple technique : ask Who am I? and Whence did I arise? and consistently focus your attention inwards.
Do this with great earnestness, with love and faith.

As you go deeper into yourself, a point arises where something inside awakens.
Something opens, like a flower blossoming; something throbs and hums within.
When you feel this, let go of everything!

All effort ceases at this point -the Divine takes over.
The ego-mind dissolves like a salt-doll in the ocean that is Being.
Here there is only infinite Love and Light.
Just abide here in blissful peace.

Nothing more needs to be done.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

There is only Light

“What is Gayatri? It really means ‘Let me concentrate on That which illumines all’.” Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi

To speak, and to write, is to assert who we are, what we think. The necessary other side is to surrender these things — to stand humbled and stunned and silent before the wild and inexplicable beauties and mysteries of being.” Jane Hirshfield

Who am I? What is my real nature? Where is my source? 

I set off in search of myself into the bowels of solitude,
Discovering secret, silent, realms even in the midst of the madding crowds,
Gravitating like a lost planet to that still centre of the galaxy,
Sinking like a stone into the bottomless deep of me.

In that infinite and perfect Silence, I let go of everything:
I let go my story, my past, my dreams and fears and desires;
I let go my worries, my joys, my pleasures and pains.
I dropped all my masks, my costumes, my conditioning, my projections.
I let go of I.

At last,  naked before the Light:
Now, stripped of all veils, only the essence remains.

There is only Light!